I’m finally settling into vacation. Lots of hours getting ready for the conference and lobby day. The lobby day is ultimately my responsibility though I have lots of help from 400 plus volunteers and my 11 fellow Regional Directors.

It was strange to be at the conference and miss all of it. I was sitting in the hallway at the lobby help desk during every session but the time I spoke. I watched snippets on the livestream between questions. But it is totally worth it! There comes a time during the conference when I realize it’s now in the hands of the volunteers on the lobby teams. They’ve asked all their questions, gotten advice, planned with their teams and are ready to go.

Lobby Day on the Hill is magical. I participated in 3 lobby meetings with minor roles. The rest of the day I was chatting with CCLers in the cafeteria or getting high fives and waves as we pass in the hallways – these same hallways that so many before us have walked to shape our country the best way we all know how. Then comes the final celebration at the reception that evening. And with that everyone heads home.

It’s a little strange to walk through the hotel the next day and have all these strangers sitting at the tables and in seats where CCL volunteers were for many days before. Time for us to go.

I tied up loose ends on Thursday and Friday and set my email vacation notices. All while we headed northeast along the coast heading for friends and vacation.  A charge stop in Portland where we were greeted by Peter then had lunch with Annie and Thea. Two nights with Sarah and Paul in Robbinston which was the perfect setting to pause and get into vacation mode.

And now we are on the ferry heading for Nova Scotia and the adventure that awaits- after minor inspection at the border. Apparently it was a little suspicious that we would go through Canada two years in a row with a carload of camping equipment, but as they verified, that’s all we have.

– Mindy