Your never lost if you think of it as an adventure.

We are ordinary people who enjoy celebrating community and sharing our adventures. This blog began when we embarked on the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand and Borneo – returning to the location where Paul lived in the Peace Corps in 1971-73.

Now with the pandemic behind us, we are taking to the road in our electric car.  We are still early adopters in this realm, so it will be another adventure.  That story is just beginning.

Stay tuned…


Joining the Peace Corps changed my life and opened me to the discovery of our gorgeous planet and people. Now I return with my wife and my son’s cremains to discover once again the power of love to change my world🌏❤️
Paul Thompson

Whenever I travel my faith in humanity is restored. I find that people are kind and generous everywhere. If I risk being a bit vulnerable I find that others respond as it is human nature to help one another and to make a personal connection.

Mindy Ahler

Of course, the story of us would not be complete without links to our favorite organizations Cool Planet and Citizens’ Climate Lobby

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