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Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Medicine Hat- Learning to Speak Canadian – Day 3

Another long day of driving thru the massive landscape of Saskatchewan and now Alberta, the province that has financed much of Canada’s wealth through oil and coal development. As my friend and former neighbor in Kota Belud, Sabah (see earlier blog) Paul Gervan said the electrons driving our Tesla are all from fossil fuel sources.  Where he lives in Ontario, and soon in Minnesota, most of the energy will be derived from carbon free sources. 

We are making progress, but is it fast enough?  Part of our reason for doing this trip and noticing the changes embedded in the places we are visiting. Two such examples: the omellet at the Motel 8 yesterday was made with organic eggs and today in Calgary the compostable plate that hopefully will find it’s way to a commercial composting facility. 

Day 3 was all about getting to Calgary and our friend Rob McLeod dear man and holder of 14 Guinness World Records (I told him they will be doing a background check on him soon). If it’s throwing a disc on land, ice, to dogs or on roller blades…Rob is your man.  He also has set up a body work session for Paul’s ailing neck on Tuesday…thank you Rob for all the years of flying friendship…come to MN for our flying disc overall championships Sept 2, American style.

The three of us checked in at the Days Inn in Calgary (pop 1.2 million) then headed to a local charger for a small boost so Mindy could sleep w/o worry before finding a Tesla Super Duper charger this morning.  A lovely meal at a Vietnamese spot  and finally found our squeegee and bug remover (thanks Erin another Tesla driver who cleans her baby at every charge).

Another late night finalizing our route into the mountains and finding the chargers along the way. Rob said don’t miss Canmore, site of the Nordic Center for the Calgary Olympics, on the way to Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. Today it will be difficult to remember to keep moving toward our BIG goal of Denali and Alaska. We will be camping at Jasper and see how my body does on the ground sleeping.

So grateful for friends, and Mindy’s commitment to planning and organizing. I am trying to be a better listener and staying focused on what needs to be done.  A big ask for this right brained, spontaneous,  adventure seeker.

Bring on the mountains and all the layers of clothing we brought along….would you believe I forgot my swim suit for the hot springs?

Ah- lah- ma as we say in Borneo.

– Paul




  1. Craig

    Go you Two! I was holed up in Jasper for 3 weeks in 1968 on my across Canada due to my van breaking down. A bunch of young railroad workers put me up and traded in their beer bottles for deposit $ and sent me on my way… Great guys and learned to love Canadian beer

  2. George Donart

    I hope you lolly gag in the Parks today – or on your return.
    Have a great day.

  3. Jeanne M Wright

    Love hearing your story. Drive safe!
    Jeanne & Olya

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