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Inspiring Students Strike for Climate

Being close to the International Date Line, New Zealand was one of the first countries to begin the March 15 global day of action by students. Thanks to our friend in Minnesota, Scot Adams, we met and stayed with one of the student organizers and her family. Maha was one of the two students who organized and MCed an event in front of the Kapiti Coast District Council (a district just north of Wellington on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. About 200 people participated throughout the day at this event including speeches by a council member and the mayor in addition to a number of community leaders working on various environmental issues. We added a bit by sharing our work in the US and the hope we see there through our work with students and Citizens’ Climate Lobby. This was one of 30 events in New Zealand that included thousands of students around the country.

By the end of 24 hours over a million students around the world had participated in actions. The impact is already being felt as the UN is calling for a special meeting as a result of the outpouring of student support around the globe. Truly, the children will lead us.

We woke the next morning to social media reports from Minnesota from students we know sending pictures of the demonstration at the state capitol.

Thank you students for your inspiring action!

– Mindy



  1. Kate Schachter

    Did you hear or share any new street chants?

    • Paul Thompson

      yes I made one up and the kids had many

    • cpadmin

      Paul’s: Coffee, Chocolate, Beer and Wine
      Climate change will hurt them all

      One invented by the students on the spot:
      We are the future
      Hear us shout
      Take all action
      Or we will melt

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