The next chapter in our life together

Kayak to Seal Island with Cary RICHMOND

Cary in his kitchen making dinner for us

One of the baby seals on Seal Island just off the main shore of Abel Tasman National Park

Cam, our guide, shared stories of the history of NZ, the behavior of the seals and native birds that we saw on our paddle. DYK that some seals can run up to 25 mph on land and swim up to 50 mph !!

Part of our day long kayak trip with CARY RICHMOND our old MN BWCAW friend who now lives in Cable Bay 20 minutes outside of Nelson NZ

We called Cary from the airport in Honolulu thinking he was still living in Hawaii.

When he responded to my message the following week he said he was living in NZ!

Small chance that we would see him and bingo he was right on our path. Now we are talking about meeting in 3 weeks on our way back to the North Island to play golf while Mindy hunts down a world class spinning wheel from Ashford in Ashton NZ

– Paul


  1. Kate Schachter

    Baby seal? MIA.

    • cpadmin

      I think he is there now

  2. Jeffrey Grosscup

    There was a Carry Richmond who was the general contractor for a major home in South Minneapolis addition back in 1979. Is this the same person? His wife as a midwife. If so let him know that Jeff and Karin Grosscup give him our warmest regards.

    • Paul Thompson

      probably the same, he is a builder

    • Paul Thompson

      will do we will meet agin in Christchurch

    • cpadmin

      Yes, Jeff. Same Cary Richmond. He sends his greetings!

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