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Yukon Ho! Day 9

Awoke with the same neck stiffness like last week, oh my.

Visited the signpost forest before heading out of Watson Lake.

Onward to Whitefish the Capital of Yukon and our search for Malkomb Boothroyd, part of my first cross country climate journey in 

2010 to COP 16 in Cancun. Malkomb has become a professional nature photographer with some of the best animal shots I’ve ever seen.

He was out of town but we heard from him today suggesting we go to Haines AK, hopefully will catch him on the way home.

Another free charge with Flo the Yukon government EV program. Canada is working quickly to move the electrification era ahead and we are most grateful and appreciative.

One last push to Haines Jct to make Anchorage a reality on Tuesday and. Celebrate July 4th with CCL friend George Donart and his wife Michelle. They are setting up a massage therapy session for Wednesday with my stiff neck and now hips.  9 days in a car not exactly the best for posture and alignment, sorry Debbie, Ned and Katrina. My old man health team .

beauty everywhere

Really looking forward to some downtime in Anchorage as we prep for Denali. Just met a couple that shared their photo of the massive mountain, soon it will be our time.

Another Flo charger in Haines Junction got us fully charged before we found a place to camp. By this time it was midnight and sleeping in the car with minimal setup sounded like the best option.  So we did. 

– Paul


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    Great post!

  2. Craig

    Onward you two!

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