The next chapter in our life together

We made it…

After getting Mary acquainted with the care and feeding of Pickles and the Pickles Palace, we were off to the airport.  Thank you, Mary, for taking good care of our kitty!

After about 2 days of traveling, but we finally made it to Auckland, New Zealand about 10pm on Wednesday, 6 March.

Ready for takeoff at the Humphrey terminal in Minneapolis. We won’t be this cold again for a while.

Getting on board.

Still fresh early in the journey. Lots of time in airplane seats – though each time with a window.

Coming into Honolulu

Took time to walk around in Honolulu to get some feel of Hawai’i and stretch our legs between long flights. Good sushi had here.

Mindy trying to get some shut-eye. Actually I got quite a bit of sleep on our flights.

Chasing the sun…

Getting closer…

Paul’s protection from the insecticide spraying as we land in Auckland. Need to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Welcome to New Zealand. Love the first message we saw even before clearing customs.

Thanks to Joseph for getting us all set up at Spark with our local New Zealand telephone.

Then off to our hotel to get some well earned sleep.



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  1. Elizabeth Dell

    Glad to hear you’ve gotten off to a good start!

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