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Time to ourselves – Day 21

The morning was filled with breakfast, a visit with Dave and showers to wash off the three days in the wilderness.

In the afternoon, Paul took off for a round of golf in Healy nearby and Mindy opted to stay in the park mostly to do some work catchup.

But it was not all work and no play for Mindy.  I got to see our friends from Australia one more time and collect extra hugs for Paul.  And when my work was done, I stretched my legs with a short walk to the Nenana River overlook.  I had heavier backpack than usual since I had my computer and more that I had kept from the car for the day, so I didn’t mind when a friendly red Tesla picked me up to drive back to the park.  We took a short hike together to the Riley Creek bridge and got some beautiful views of the creek for which our current campground is named – and a stunning view of the railroad trestle high above the creek. 

– Mindy

“Paul’s Day off” included a 10 mile drive to Healy north of the park entrance to Black Diamond Resort.

9 hole rustic golf course, horse farm, covered wagon rides, and ATV adventure riding. It was a blast playing alone and expecting a bear or moose on every hole. See photos and with low expectations it’s easy to come away satisfied. A lovely meal after the round and a local brew and I was headed to the Healy charging station but the electricity was still being activated at the Three Bears location, so back to Denali for the evening.

Back to DNP to share my meal with Mindy and discover the local surroundings of Riley Creek. After 3 busy days of camping and hiking it was good to settle into 2 days of traditional car camping in the park.

– Paul 


  1. Cynthia Birch

    Love following your trip. Both of you had great days, ALASKA

  2. Brett Cease

    Beautiful stories! Love to see you two savoring the great Alaskan wilderness (and golfing) 🙂 Thanks for keeping us connected as you enjoy your summer adventure!

  3. Craig

    I read every post with delight and amazement at your stamina and willingness to explore the edges of your personal comfort zones. Reports for back home on Bde Maka Ska.. Eric and Maeve married yesterday. Today is Patricia’s 70th and she’ll enter her 10th triathlon in Aug. The summer continues to be the most pleasing ever for humans and gardens I can remember. It’s dry, close to drought, yet enough rain to keep the grass green. not too hot not too cold, just right.

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