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Driving in New Zealand

“The roads are different here.” It even says this on the road signs. And it’s very true. Driving on the left is different enough for us, but add to that the narrow two lane roads with little to no shoulder, sharp curves and one lane bridges and you start to see what they mean. And those are the major state highways. Very often the speed limit sign says 100 kph and we say “are they kidding?” Definitely not in our Toyota Hiace camper van. I can hear Pat Olmstead saying “Just cause the speed limit’s 100, doesn’t mean you have to go that fast.” And we don’t. There are passing lanes and pull over spots to let the faster traffic pass us by. We enjoy going at a slower pace. So we pull over often. Sometimes to enjoy the view, sometimes to stretch our legs, often just to let them pass. It’s nice when we are on the road at non-rush times so we don’t have as much traffic to let past. And did I mention that a white dotted line usually means two way traffic? Just to keep us on our toes. We’ve become much more comfortable as the time goes on, but we still take plenty of brakes in the day and try to keep the number of kilometers traveled on a given day to a lower number. Traveling at the speed of vacation. All the semi trucks are split trailers in order to make it around the curves.

– Mindy

Here are some road sample pictures for you:



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