We drove into Punakaiki a bit late last night (because we kept stopping along the way to enjoy the sights) – Time to start dinner upon arrival with no time to explore first. Paul made the salad while Mindy cooked the noodles.

“I hate to miss the sunset over the ocean, can’t we go eat on the beach?”

“How will we carry everything?”

“In our shopping bag.”

“What will we sit on?”

“Let’s bring the chairs.”

“Let’s go – quick before we miss it!”

I wish we had a camera following us as we ran through the campground (breaking all the rules by running through other people’s campsites). Paul carrying the chairs – one in each hand. Mindy with the shopping bag over her arm and carefully carrying Paul’s can of beer and her glass of wine – trying not to spill while running for the beach.

We made it and were rewarded with this beautiful sunset ….

Tonight we decided to stop a little earlier than planned in Harihari. We walked into the pub to pay for the camping and were so tempted by the menu and local ambiance (complete with rugby game on TV) that we decided to treat our selves to a meal of lamb shank with mashed potato, roasted baby carrots and peas – even though we had just restocked with groceries this afternoon. This meal was superb! (Sorry to our vegetarian friends) and it was VERY local. Sometimes it’s good to forgo our plans and be in the moment.

– Mindy